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Purchasing a Locking Mailbox

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

Parkside residents are required to purchase specific locking mailboxes and address numbers. Neither the mailboxes nor address numbers are available at Home Depot or Lowe's, they must be special ordered.


There is only ONE approved locking mailbox for the mailbox hutches: White Pinnacle #1022.

Sources for this white locking mailbox are limited; they cannot be purchased at Lowes or Home Depot. They can only be purchased directly through Pinnacle. At the time of this post, the cost is $180.00 + tax & shipping.

Mailbox Numbers

The font for the address numbers is Standard Clarendon font in 2" size (actual size is 1 7/8"). Pinnacle does not sell the numbers required for Parkside mailboxes. Mailbox numbers can be ordered from Mailbox solutions. You can order them over the phone at 503-486-5575 and speak with Danelle.

Additionally, you can order on the Mailbox Solutions website. When placing an order online, you will notice that it asks how many sides you want the numbers on (choose 1) and the description says they will use their standard Arial font and adhere the numbers to the box for you. This is their standard language but will not apply to your order. There is no option to select the specific Parkside font so you will need to send a follow-up email after placing the order indicating that you are a Parkside resident and therefore need the Standard Clarendon font 2” size (1 7/8” actual).

Residents have to apply the numbers to the mailbox themselves. At the time of this post, the cost is $15.00 (for 4-5 digits) + tax & shipping.

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