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2022 Board Member Position and Election

The Parkside HOA Board is seeking candidates and prospective volunteers to join and fill upcoming open positions for the 2022 Session. This includes (1) voting member position and up to (2) additional non-voting members.

If you are interested in becoming a member or simply looking for an opportunity to become more involved in our community, please consider joining the Parkside HOA Board. These positions play a crucial role in the management and maintenance of our great neighborhood. More information about the open positions will be shared at the Annual Meeting.

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22 de out. de 2021

Hi- It was explained to me by one of the founding members when we first moved here that board members serve a three year term, and are approved by vote/ballot by the residents at the annual meeting. They start out being secretary for one year, and then advance to vice president for one year, and then serve the last year of the three year term as president. If board members leave before serving a full three year term, the remaining board members have the authority to fill the vacancy. Our recorded documents indicate how the three board positions were originally populated to get this process started.

Bylaws: 7.2 Term of Office. At the first annual meeting the Members shall elec…

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