Property Condition Checklist

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Twice each year the Parkside HOA Board and members from our community perform a "walk-about" to review and report on property conditions. This usually is scheduled the weekend after Mill Creek Garage Sale days. All are welcome to join the board on the walkabout. Additionally, any member of our community may fill out a property condition report and submit it to the board at any time for any home they notice requires repair. The board will evaluate your input and take action if/as needed. Click the file below to see the form letter and the checklist.

Note that the cover letter informs home owners to contact the board or reach out to friends and neighbors if they need assistance maintaining their homes for any reason. Parkside is full of caring and helpful neighbors who are willing to lend a helping hand. Often times neighbors have helped pull weeds, paint, dismantle temporary structures, rake leaves, and more. 

Please click the file below and review the checklist. This is a good indication of the types of items reported upon during the walkabout. Other items may be added in the future. We also welcome owners to provide feedback regarding items they feel should be added, and items any may feel might be a little too nit-picky. Community feedback makes us stronger and helps us maintain Parkside Pride! 

2018 HOA Property Condition Report.pdf


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