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Median Repair Update

The median repairs have been completed by the city and the landscaping has finished. There have been several questions related to the medians so we wanted to provide a follow-up.

Q. The medians used to be mounded, why are they now flat?

A. The city's response is the following:

The “flattening” of the median was due to a few reasons:

  1. In two of the three medians, there is a sanitary sewer manhole that the water district needs to keep clear for maintenance access.

  2. The intent was actually to retain some water in the median for watering instead of having it all run off since there is no irrigation system.

  3. Help keep the streets clean by reducing migration of the mulch and soil into the street.

Q. The installed plants and trees are much smaller than the pictures provided at the annual meeting.

A. The landscaping firm provided the following answer:

The installed plants were appropriate sizes for the initial install. It is better to allow plants to mature in the new planting area.

Additionally, each cul-de-sac has a tree planted. Two have a Serviceberry & one has the Mid-Winter Fire Dogwood.

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